Income Properties On Demand Course

Learn how your investment properties can lead to creating multiple streams of income so you can adjust better to changes in market trends.

Build long-term wealth and create passive income for today and tomorrow with buy and hold strategies.

As a bonus, learn to create your own “in-house” property management business!

Course Objectives:
  • Identify the components of managing your property portfolio
  • Determine market values and rates of return for residential and commercial properties
  • Examine zoning rules and regulations
  • Interpret fair housing and discrimination laws and handicap provisions
  • Execute lease applications, lease provisions, rental criteria, and tenant screening and selection processes
  • Implement cost-effective ways to rehab and deal with contractors
  • How to create and operate or select a property management company

Purchase Details:

  • Includes 1 year of access to On Demand for this course.

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